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Whether it is cataract, glaucoma or lid surgery, all our post-operative services are designed to make sure you are safe and well.

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The First Post-operative Visit

The first visit after surgery is not only a safety assessment but also a waypoint to establish the effectiveness of surgery. It is normal to have a little crusting, discomfort and blurring but we expect this to settle in due course. 

Healing Process

All surgeries take time to settle. There is no fixed period for any given patient as often there are variations depending on the surgery and the individual. Depending on the surgery, we will inform you what can be expected.

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Special Attention

We are a tailor-made service providing treatment plans specific to your individual clinical needs.

For general information regarding specific conditions and common types of procedures, please see the Patient Information section at top of the website.

Mr Yih-Horng Tham
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
MbChB Hons FRCOphth
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